Project Description



Liv has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. On and off, it was something that she gravitated towards for a chance to unwind, challenge herself and move her body. It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease that she really noticed what practicing meant to her. She turned to yoga more regularly and it became a part of her every day life.

Liv feels that yoga is about expressionism, letting go and connecting back to the body, breath and mind. She teaches strong flows with playful transitions, open to all levels with lots of options for modifications and progressions. Always working towards a peak pose and always centering her classes around either a philosophical or physical theme through movement and breath.

★ EARLY MORNING ENERGISING WAKE UP FLOW – This is an energising practice to wake up the body and mind. Working with strong and playful flows towards a peak pose. A chance to build up some heat in the body and connect the breath and movement throughout.
There is also time to slow the pace of the practice down towards the end for a chance to unwind and come back down to the earth.

★ GET UP AND FLOW – A great way to start the weekend off with this flow class. Working with an energising flow, connecting movement to the breath waking up the body and mind. Towards the end of the session there will be some longer stretches to release back down afterwards with time for relaxation.