Project Description


I specalise in energy work, positive psychology and spiritual development. As part of a healing session, I read the client’s chakras and energy field to analyse the root causes of physical, mental and emotional issues. I always inform clients of what I find and provide information they can use to support their own healing.


Reiki means Universal Life Force. The healing energy calms the mind, balances emotions & promotes physical healing in the body. The energy works very gently & is suitable for everyone.


Sekhem means Spiritual Power. It is an ancient Egyptian technique similar to Reiki. The effects are stronger & more intense. It clears energy blockages, releases negative emotions & accelerates positive changes.

Theta Healing™     

Theta Healing uses muscle testing to reveal the underlying causes of stress or illness. Subconscious negative patterns are replaced with positive feelings & beliefs, to enable physical & emotional healing to take place.

Psychic Surgery    

This is a painless procedure to remove energetic blockages from the body. The method I use is a specialised form of Reiki.

The healing is carried out in 3 stages, usually taking about 2 hours. The length of time may vary depending how the client responds.

Catalyst Life Coaching

Catalyst Coaching can help you to overcome present obstacles in life and move towards where you want to be. Using positive psychology, I help you to gain confidence and to work out what you really want and need. When you feel secure and grounded in yourself then you will be more able to take the steps that did not seem possible.

You need to be ready to challenge your own thoughts, beliefs and opinions. The more you commit to working on yourself the faster change will happen.

Reiki Training

I teach Usui-Tibetan style from absolute beginners to those who want to become teachers in their own right.

I keep groups very small so that I can work with each student’s unique experiences, background and abilities.

I also provide full support to my students during their 21 days homework and healing practice at no extra charge.

5) Prices

Healing and Coaching:  

all sessions are £60 / hour.

Reiki training:  

1st Degree £180. This covers your day’s training, manual and certificate, plus ongoing support during your 21 days cleansing / self-healing.

2nd Degree £240. This covers your day’s training, manual and certificate, plus ongoing support during your 21 days cleansing / self-healing.

Master-Teacher £550. This covers your 2 intensive training days, 2 manuals and certificate, plus ongoing support during your 21 days cleansing / self-healing and your case studies (typically 3 to 6 months).

6) Days/times available

Healing and Coaching  –  Saturdays 2pm-6pm

Reiki Training  –  arranged on request.

7) Health Benefits

Stress management, pain relief, reducing anxiety, alleviating depression, supporting the immune system, promoting healing of wounds, boosting energy levels, supporting recovery from illness or trauma, coping with losses, stabilising emotions, working through spiritual crisis or awakening.

8) Any conditions/illnesses etc that may benefit from your treatments.

Energy work is suitable for all ages and can be used to treat any physical condition as well as anxiety, depression and stress.

Coaching is suited to over-16s and is ideal for anyone who wants to make some changes and needs support to work out the best way forward.

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