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So here is a little more info what we will be covering in my 6 week mindfulness course

Let’s interrupt the autopilot. Reconnect and re awaken your higher self by engaging in my 6 week mindfulness course where we will cover the following:

Wk 1: Introduction into Mindfulness. How you can Switch off­ the Auto Pilot. Exploring Meditation and it’s Benefits.
Wk 2: Exploring the Body Scan and Your 5 Senses.
Wk 3: Branding: Identifying who you are. Determining What We Think Determines How We Feel Determines How We Act.
Wk 4: Relaxation and Deeper Meditation. Practising Releasing and Letting Go.
Wk 5: Explore and Practice the Inner Smile Technique.
Wk 6: Evaluate and Realise your Inner Power to Create a Life of your Chosen Design.

Bookings & Timetable

Through my professional training through SmartFoundations I am a qualified Instructor practicing Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness.  My practices have deepened over the years to explore the Heatfulness Healing Technique. Which explores self-love and gratification.  I can’t wait to share these practices with you so you can start the life and self-love you deserve.

The Classes:

In these wonderful mini sessions, you will go ona journey of re connection and turning off the auto pilot. Come and join me through exploration of Mindfulness Relaxation and Meditation. Where you can re align your Mindy Body and Spirit.

It will be a wonderful hour of reconnection, mindfulness and meditation. This will be a mini retreat for you and your friends. Exploring moment by moment as well reconnections of the mind, body, and spirit. Also you will get to take away your own mini oil. I hope you can join me on this special relaxing day. Elle x