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Vicky Mathieson
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Vicky has been practising yoga for almost 20 years after discovering the wellbeing benefits of regular practise. Since then she has gone on to study with the British Wheel of Yoga and is regularly commended by her students as someone who creates a warm atmosphere and relaxing class.

Vicky teaches Hatha Yoga which focuses on the individual poses or Asanas, and Vinyasa Flow (flowing from one pose to another in a sequence) which should get your heart rate up!

‘I enjoy yoga because it’s not competitive, these days we are bombarded with beautiful people in almost inhuman yoga poses on social media, which is lovely to look at but yoga’s for everybody regardless of shape, age or flexibility’

Vicky is also a qualified Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner

Vicky is available for 1-2-1 Yoga on Monday and Thursday mornings