“Having previously taken classes with a teacher who has since relocated, since the start I have really enjoyed Wendy’s classes. Always varied, and often challenging! Wendy takes time to ensure any injuries are accommodated and to check we’re doing things right and correct us when wrong. I am in an advanced intermediate group which is great to keep my core strength and the dreaded back pain away. I look forward to classes with Wendy and would thoroughly recommend them.


Clare Knight

“What I appreciate so much about Wendy’s Pilates classes is not only her knowledge, but her care in making sure everyone in the class is doing the exercises correctly and that injuries and joint problems etc are always taken into account and help given where needed to modify them.  I feel 2” taller when I leave her class and a great deal calmer and centred.


Janet Gordon-Boyd

“Wendy is a very good teacher, her demonstrations and  instructions on each of the movements are very precise.

From the start Wendy took her time to assess us all to see what we were capable of.

I have really enjoyed her classes.”


Christine Lucas

“I had been nervous to start Pilates again but the beginner classes were ideal – Wendy is a great instructor.


Aimee Wood

“I have been taking party in Wendy’s Pilates classes for the past year and find them enjoyable. She demonstrates the moves clearly, uses different equipment to keep things interesting and takes into account any medical difficulties that people may have, and the different level of abilities. She is very pleasant and welcoming and a great advert for Pilates.


Giovanna Sutton-Long

“Wendy is an excellent teacher. She is extremely professional and her calm, caring manner means that, as well as strengthening my core, I also leave the class feeling calm and present. I initially started Pilates to help with a lower back problem and since joining Wendy’s class over a year ago I haven’t experienced any further pain.


Katy Wood

“Wendy has been teaching me pilates for just over a year and I have finally found a form of exercise I love. I feel very fortunate to have Wendy as my tutor, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience and really takes time to make sure we are performing the exercises correctly and effectively. She has a great ability to communicate and demonstrate what we are doing in a clear and practical way. Wendy’s classes have a lovely atmosphere and I always look forward to my weekly session and come out feeling happy and energised afterwards. I have felt my body change and become stronger and I look forward to continuing to progress with Wendy’s help. I absolutely love pilates and I think it will always be part of my life.


Louise Ramiz

“Since joining Pilates , my reoccurring knee injury from running had disappeared. I am more flexible, toned and feel more relaxed within my self. Until you try it you just can’t take the word of others. People come for all different reasons but I think all would agree if you listen to Wendy’s advice and attend regularly results are clear . I have made many good , good friends with like minded people and I look forward to it every week. I see more benefit from going two to three times a week xx wendy keeps herself fully up to date with training and is always advancing those that can and want too xx I just love it love it love it x I can’t imagine not doing it for the rest of my life xx thank you woo woo xxx


Sarah Poynter

“I have been attending Wendy’s Pilates classes for nearly a year. She is very professional and knowledgeable and keeps an eye on us all, correcting us if we are doing something wrong. She is great at tailoring exercises to individuals, even in a group class. Pilates has helped my core control hugely, and I find it a relaxing and fun way to spend an hour a week. I highly recommend Wendy’s classes.”


Mary Bate

“Great teacher, fun class, good pilates


Julie Fish